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Winter Verrado Golf Club Wedding

Winter in Phoenix looks a lot different than the rest of the country.  While you scroll through Ashley and Shane’s winter Verrado Golf Club wedding, keep in mind that you’re not going to see snow.  You’re going to see a lot of beautiful colors!   Here is their story – as told by their pastor during the ceremony (he did such a great job, I’m going to repeat it ).

We’ll start with Shane – “I knew Ashley for a while before we dated.  She was two feet taller than everyone in middle school and I’ll never forget the day that I realized I had caught up with her in height.  It was freshman year after small groups, it was awesome.  After that, I would be invited to her birthdays and stuff but I wasn’t cool enough for her to pay attention to me.  Or so I thought.”

Ashley continues – “It was October of 2019, and there was an all-nighter at church.  Going into this all-nighter I had no intention of leaving and having a massive crush on Shane.  During that night, I learned that Shane was a part of a club volleyball team and that he was staying awake all night and still going to his tournament the first thing the next day.  That was a BIG green flag! He’s committed and he loves Jesus.  There’s also karaoke going on that night.  I walked into the room to find Shane singing the song, “Bohemium Rapsody.”  He was SO GOOD.  I had no clue he could siiiiiiiing.  A loyal man who loves Jesus, volleyball AND could sing, that was enough for me.  For the next 6 whole months, I would come home from youth groups and cry my eyes out in the bathtub because I knew nothing would ever come from my crush on this guy, here’s why – because I was not ever going to sing.  And he had no interest in me.   Well with some encouragement from Tyson’s sister Taylor, I decided to tell him.”

Shane picks up by saying – “One night after church I spent all night at church the night before Easter. She texted me that night about her feelings, unfortunately, while I was asleep recovering from that all-nighter.  I responded by saying I liked her too, and from there we started texting.”

Ashley continues – “Shane asked me out to Dutch Bro’s one Sunday night after youth.  It was the Best. Night. Ever. This night I actually drove all the way home from youth because nobody was at Dutch yet.  But then I got a text from Shane, asking where I was and if I was coming.  And so I lied.  I said that I was at Old Navy shopping and that I would be there soon.  Literally, I drove ALL the way back to Dutch Bro’s from my house which wasn’t super close, but I didn’t want Shane to notice.  On May 23rd, 2019 we went on our first date, we went to In N Out Burger and then to watch the Avengers.  Shane picked me up in the Carroll Suburban “Super Sexy” lol!  I was so nervous that I only ate half of my burger.  A couple of days after this date I was in San Diego with my family when Shane text me and asked if we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Which normally after one date that would not mean that you’re officially dating.  But I went with it and said Yeah, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend because I wanted it so badly. ”

Shane concludes – “After a few weeks she dropped the biggest bomb on me – one that would affect the next 5 years of our lives.  Turns out she committed to play college volleyball in stupid Seattle and home of the Sea Hawks.  It was almost unforgivable.  But alas, she is so hot, I was put under a spell and just couldn’t not try to make the relationship work.  We both graduated high school and it was time for her to leave for the next four years.   After a couple of months in the first year, we finally figured everything out. Not to say it was easy, but I feel like we cruised through the next many years proving everyone that said it was impossible, wrong.  Now I’m marrying the love of my life and I cannot wait.”

SO CUTE RIGHT?!?!  Without further ado, enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! xo

Special thank you to the creative team:

Venue: Verrado Golf Club

Florist: Harper Floral Co

DJMC: Xperience Entertainment

Gown: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

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