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How Bridesmaids Can Affect Your Timeline


There are several things that can throw a timeline off, but today we’re going to touch on our favorite friends – the bridesmaids.  There’s nothing like entering a getting-ready room full of women, and being greeted with hugs and excitement!  It really starts the day’s vibe off great and makes the entire day run so much smoother.  However, there are those times when bridesmaids are running behind and start to panic – which in turn, gets the bride to panic and that’s the last thing we want on her special day!

So today, let’s focus on:

How Bridesmaids Can Affect Your Timeline

Here are some of my favorite ways to make sure we stay on track and get what we need during your bridal prep.

Always allow more time than you think you’ll need for hair and make-up.  If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, make sure you try it several times before the big day.  If you have a glam team – chat with them about the amount of time they will need for each bridesmaid and make sure your girls get in the chair on time.

Once the bride is done with her hair and makeup, we’ll grab her for some cute robe shots with all of you!
After the “robe” shot is accomplished, the bride finishes getting ready and it’s time for you to change!

All bridesmaids, as well as Mothers, Aunts, and Grandmas, should be dressed PRIOR to the bride getting into her dress.

Depending on the bride, some want their mom, others want their maid of honor to help get her into her dress.  Usually, 2-3 people can help the bride, while the others can help tidy up the room, and block distracting elements in the room.  I love having the bridesmaids help fluff the dress for a few pictures as well.

What’s important to remember is that the bridesmaids don’t have to be 100% done with hair and makeup in order to help the bride into the dress, or be a part of the getting ready photos as long as they have their dress on.  If your hair isn’t done, or you’re missing lipstick or even jewelry, don’t stress about it.  It’s more important to be in the pictures with the bride and keep the day on track than to delay the day because of a small detail that we can take care of once those photos are done.

First looks with bridesmaids have become a fun new trend we’re seeing.  Make sure you decide BEFORE your wedding day if you’re going to do one with your girls or not.  That way we can build that into your timeline!  I hope these tips help!

If you want to read more wedding tips, check out our Wedding Wednesday blog series!  And if there is something you think we should blog about let us know!


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