Your Wedding and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Masked


Coronavirus (COVID-19), Masked

Your Wedding and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have you worried and stressed out about your upcoming wedding?  Unless you’ve been living under rock, I’m sure y’all have heard about what’s going on in the world right now.  The Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be pretty scary – so instead of worrying and stressing let’s get a PLAN together!  You cannot control who gets it, but you can control how YOU react to everything around you.  And having a PLAN B or even C & D will help you with these feelings.  I’m going to break down different areas for you below…and if you need help or more suggestions PLEASE feel free to DM me or e-mail me.  I’m always happy to help!

(And don’t worry – I’m not out wearing a mask right now, the above picture was taking right after I was finished with Open Heart Surgery and had to fly across the country from Mayo Clinic Rochester to Mayo Clinic Phoenix and had no immune system.)


Let’s talk about your immune system for a second.  It’s a crazy complex thing, but if you eat clean and keep the junk out you’re less likely to get sick.  By cutting out things like SUGAR and adding things like a PROBIOTIC (our Doctor always suggests at least 100 Billion) and VITAMIN C (keep in mind you want the REAL vitamin C – not the fake stuff) this will help you to stay healthy.  Wiping down your counters and washing your hands.  Covering your mouth if you sneeze or cough.  Simple things we often times don’t do because we’re lazy or just plain don’t care are what could keep you from spreading your germs to others and even getting germs from others.  Wipe down your computers and phones.  Anything that is shared in your home.  Just use common sense.


Many weddings have guests traveling from all over.  Some from other states and some from other countries.  Brace yourself right now for a lower guest count. The general rule for RSVP’s is to take 20% of those who RSVP’d and cut the guest list by that amount.  Things happen (as you can see right now) and those who were planning can’t always make it.  Is it upsetting – absolutely.  Is it anything that you can change?  Probably not.  But for those of you who are going to travel to a wedding the EPA suggests practicing precautions to prevent spreading the virus or contracting it.  Personally, I have two family members (and a lot of friends) who work in the airline industry and they even said right now the planes have never been cleaner.  If it makes you feel better to wear a mask and gloves then by all means do it.  Make sure you bring hand sanitizer of some sort.  I personally love doTerra’s hand sanitizer.  Anytime we get on a plane I spray the seat belts, the windows and the seat back trays because those are the most touched parts in the plane – as well as the bathroom so if you can avoid that – I’d certainly do so.  Basically – don’t be the guy licking the crumbs off the tray table.  🤮. Also – a lot of airlines are allowing rescheduling of flights without fees attached, so if you cannot fly, reach out to the airline you booked with (check with car rentals, hotels and airbnb/vrbos as well) to see if there is a penalty or fee attached to rebooking due to this virus.


Ahhh those priceless jewels! 😉  Go through your list of vendors (Ceremony/Reception Venue, Coordinator, Florist, Photographer, DJMC, Baker, Caterer, Linens, Rentals etc.) and if you don’t have a copy of your contract with them ASK for one.  Then read over it and look for things like POSTPONING and ACTS of GOD.  Look for what your options are in regards to full or partial refunds.  One clause you’ll want to look out for is force majeure, which may relieve your vendors from performing contractual obligations due to circumstances beyond their control. Having to postpone your wedding due to an act of God usually is allowed by most vendors.  Then I would send them all an email and ask what days/months they have available right now.  Find out if they charge a fee to reschedule.  (That should be in their contract).  If so, what is it and when do you have to book by?  Take some time – grab your fiancé and a calendar and SIT DOWN together and start looking at new dates.  Then let your vendors know ASAP your new date.


If you went the extra step and secured insurance for your day, you’ll want to consult your plan and contact your insurance agent to confirm whether something like this is covered. Unfortunately, it isn’t in most cases, but every plan is different, so it’s better to do your due diligence.


If you decide to postpone your wedding the easiest and most effective way to relay your message is via social media.  If you have a wedding website be sure to update that!   A simple message that’s to-the-point is best.  You can also send an email, text or even call them.  If you have a room block at a hotel you may want to reach out to them to see if you can negotiate a full or partial refund on behalf of your guests. Taking the burden off of your friends and family will go a long way for those who had made plans to be there.  Then send out Change – the – Dates.  Mike and I actually did this when we got married.  We were planning on getting married in Jamaica and ended up doing it in the USA instead and ended up changing the date.  Was it a PITA?  Yes.  But do your guest deserve to know when to plan for the new date?  Absolutely!


Weddings can require immense amounts of planning, so taking on extra work is never ideal. Whether you’re feeling sad, frustrated or overwhelmed, lean on your loved ones for support. Postponing a wedding requires a great deal of time and effort, so try to delegate tasks to your partner, family or friends whenever possible. Communication is key too. Be honest with your loved ones about how you’re feeling and rely on them for support during this busy time.  It’s ok to grieve.  It’s also ok to celebrate on the day you were going to get married on. Even if it’s not the day you had planned, the date will always hold significance. Find a small, but meaningful way to celebrate. Plan a fancy date night or enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and a movie.

I hope this helps!  Hugs!


Amanda Cromer with Florist Andrea Clemmons of Elkhorn Wisconsin

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