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Oh. My. Gosh.  YOU GUYS….. (<— my accent is coming out as I type this 😉)  I’m so excited to show you my GORGEOUS cousin Hannah’s wedding at Uptown at Friends & Evergreen Country Club!  Wisconsin welcomed Mike and I with open arms and -15 degree weather 🙄.  But in all honesty, we were so excited to be home!  Here are a few of my favorite things from their day:  Nathan wore blue!  Why is this my favorite, you may ask?  Well, for starters he pops off the white snow in the background.  And secondly – it reminded me of the ocean and that’s what I used to tell myself to keep warm while we were shooting outside! 😂  Secondly, Hannah’s dress was amazing and sparkled everytime she moved.   My cousin Andrea of Lovelight Flowers did all the florals and getting to work with her was amazing!  I LOVED watching my aunt melt while she watched her girls get ready.

 They did a FIRST LOOK!!!  (I love first looks… it gives you so many more pictures!)  Their wedding party was a blast!  You’ll see the girls bouncing around to keep warm outside while we were shooting – thanks for hanging in there with us girls!  The ceremony was INSIDE!  Praise the Lord for that one 😉 Uptown at Friends is this cute little store in Elkhorn, WI (that had so many cute things that I didn’t get to buy because I was on a tight leash – thanks Mike 🙄) I digress.  The upstairs was turned into the ceremony location with this AMAZING light!  We were able to do portraits not only outside but inside as well.  I’m pretty sure everyones inner Joanna Gaines was jumping for joy when they saw the brick wall 😍.  So if you’re ever in Elkhorn, make sure you stop by and shop at Uptowns at Friends!

After all our fun portraits around town, we headed back to Evergreen Country Club where Hannah twirled with the little girls on the dance floor and laughed with her dad on the dance floor.  If you were at the wedding you certainly died laughing at Audrey’s speech where she compared Hannah to a maple tree.  For those of you who weren’t there – well sucks for you. 😂 Audrey will have to tell you the joke.  Mike says his favorite part was the Polka dancing.  There’s just something that makes him want to get out there and dance!  Now if you’re reading this and you know Mike you know that that’s a big fat lie and I’m so proud of you for getting this far!  I love the polka and I loved watching all my family whip around on the dance floor to it!  😉  Ok, so now onto a few words from Hannah!

From the Bride:

Nathan and I grew up together, our houses are literally 5 minutes apart and our families have always been close.  It wasn’t until Nathan’s first military academy ball that we started to see it could be something more.  Since that point I’ve graduated high school and college, he’s graduated college and basic training and we’ve both started our careers all while living long distance and only seeing each other 2-4 times per year.  In December 2018, he proposed at his families Christmas with the Pickle gift.  Typically,  I never find the dang thing so I looked ahead of time and cheated! He didn’t know I found it in about 2 seconds because I wanted to win not knowing this was how he was going to propose.  My planning apparently didn’t give him enough thinking time to realize what was happening, he thought it would take me a few minutes to find it not seconds.  So after I turned around with the pickle he hadn’t yet gotten down on one knee and then uttered the words (oops Uh will you marry me) while getting down on one knee and I’m cracking up!  I still cannot believe this was the best thing he could come up with 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Their Favorite Part of the Wedding:

The whole day was so much fun!  The ceremony was upbeat and not too serious, and I’d like to think we threw a pretty decent party, too!  Our friends and family really made it though, some coming from states away and some from right down the road.

Hannah and Nathan (and Aunt Sue & Uncle Bobby) thank you for having us!  It was such a blast to be able to be back home and to be able to celebrate with you.  Watching Hannah grow up (from our twinning SHORT haircuts) to spending the day with the most gorgeous bride, I can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your special day!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! 😘


Venue: Uptown at Friends

Reception: Evergreen Country Club

Photography: Amanda Cromer Photography

Florals: Lovelight Flowers


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