Celeste + Josh Married

terracotta wedding at Sanctuary at Camelback


A Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain Wedding

Josh and Celeste met on October 7th, 2017 at the one and only Texas A&M University. That’s when Josh finally learned the true meaning of football spirit! Josh and Celeste got to talking and soon found out they would both be at the Austin City Limits music festival the following weekend.

In 2017, 450,000 people attended Austin City Limits. Celeste was positive they would never see each other again but low and behold, Josh found her at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in the middle of a sea of basic festival goers. It was at that moment that Celeste decided she would say yes to a first date.

Josh proposed that they go to a fancy dinner, but Celeste countered that they must go to Kirby Ice House for brunch on football Sunday because of her love of #sports. Josh showed up in a Patriots Jersey which was almost a deal-breaker. It became clear to Josh within 15 minutes that Celeste could not name a single football player on any football team.

The rest was a riot. Scuba trips to Cabo and Belize followed, countless nights dancing at Boots ‘N Shoots until 2 am, and game nights at 845 Rosine! Then the pandemic hit and so did Josh’s black foot (story to come in one of the wedding speeches). As a result, they grew super close with their Houston crew and shortly after went on a group trip to Hawaii with the whole gang!

Josh planned to propose on the first day of the trip, however, it rained and ruined the view… so naturally, he carried the ring around with him the ENTIRE trip waiting for the perfect moment to propose. Of course, there was no perfect moment for Josh other than returning to the formidable Haleakala Volcano where he professed his undying love for Celeste in front of a crowd of volcano sunset goers.

The most beautiful proposal can only be topped by the most beautiful wedding at Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! xx

This wedding was such a blast to partake in!  There was so much energy, everywhere you looked!  To inquire about your wedding date, click here!

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Huge thank you to the creative team:

Venue: Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain

Planner: Carlyn – Blissful Blooms

Florals: Blissful Blooms

DJMC: Trego

Photography: Amanda Cromer Photography

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