Romantic Kiva Club Wedding | Kristina + Clint

Romantic Kiva Club Wedding | Amanda Cromer Photography


A Romantic Kiva Club Wedding | Kristina & Clint

Romantic Kiva Club Wedding | Amanda Cromer Photography

It’s no surprise, Kristina and Clint are some of my all-time favorite couples.  From their adventurous engagement session in Mt. Lemmon in Tucson to their gorgeous wedding at The Kiva Club, these two are such a joy to be around.  The love they share is so infectious and they genuinely make you feel like you’ve been friends with them for years!

Clint and Kristina met at the local country bar, the Roadrunner, the last weekend before the world shut down due to Covid.  She was on a travel nursing contract in Arizona living with her brother, Rob, and they decided to go check out the live bull riding at the Roadrunner. Being the city girl that she is, and never witnessing such a thing, Kristina wanted to see what she was missing out on! Never did she imagine meeting a country boy from Nebraska who would end up being her husband!  Now meeting someone and having the world shut down immediately after was definitely interesting for them. Kristina was supposed to leave for Portland for her next travel nursing contract a few weeks later, which was ultimately canceled due to Covid.  They decided to quarantine together and after surviving that without wanting to kill each other, was a definite sign they didn’t want to live without each other!

Since they went straight into quarantine mode after meeting, Kristina made Clint complete several puzzles with her.  One day as soon as she arrived home from work he told her he had something he wanted her to open. He had just picked up the ring from the jeweler hours before and he told her he couldn’t contain his excitement nor could he keep it a secret so he decided to propose to her that same day at their kitchen table! He had a puzzle printed with a picture of them on it asking if she would marry him. She put the puzzle together and there he was down on one knee behind her asking her to marry him.  She said it was so perfect and so Clint!
When I asked Kristina what her favorite part of the wedding day was for her this was her answer:
“Hands down our ceremony. It was so special having Blake, a great friend of ours, stand up at the altar and marry us. It was a very personal ceremony full of laughter, love, and only a few tears! We made the wooden arch which we were so excited about and made it feel even more intimate. I just never wanted it to end! Second, I would have to say when Clint rapped Ice Ice Baby. I mean who would have thought a country boy could perform a straight-up rap video?! It was definitely a highlight of the night!”
Her advice to other brides:
Definitely worth having an event coordinator, and if you choose not to, be prepared to have a second full-time job of planning a wedding.  Also, the day of your wedding, soak it allllllllll in– it went so quickly! And now I’ve been looking back at pictures and videos trying to relive the day over and over again. And lastly, hire Amanda as your photographer — she literally kept me sane and laughing the entire time throughout the whole process! And not to mention her work is AMAZING 🙂
😭🤍🥰 Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day! xo

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Special Thank You to the Creative Team:

Venue: The Kiva Club | Florals: TWW | Dessert: Abbie Cakes | DJMC: Push Play Entertainment | Beauty: Superstition Makeup Co | Gown: Ivory Row Bridal | Bridesmaids Gowns: Dessy | Suits: Nick’s Mensware |

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