Halloween at Disneyland



Halloween at Disneyland

There is no denying our family loves Disney.  We go every year and we LOVE going to Mickey’s Halloween Party.  The tickets are cheaper, they load you up with tons of candy and you get to dress up!  We started out day at the airport.  As we were walking to our gate we ran into Nani (my mom) and she spent a few hours with us in the airport before we took off.   It’s always fun seeing her and Mike at the airport.  The kids always get a kick out of seeing Mike push the planes out 🙂  This year Mike had to work so the kids and I flew to California and Grandma and Aunt Shelly came with!

The kids chose their outfits this year.  Brooke was Belle, Emma was Doc McStuffins and Mr. Cromer was Darth Vader.  Grandma and I dressed up as matching skunks and Shelly was Mary Poppins.

We started off the day with Big Thunder Mountain.  Brooklyn loves roller coasters so I knew she’d be fine, but Emma really shocked me!  This was her first roller coaster ride and she laughed and screamed as it twisted and turned on the tracks!  When it came time to get off she decided to have a meltdown because she didn’t want to get off!  Mr. Cromer on the other hand did not enjoy it and chose to sit the next ride out with Grandma.   Since the lines are shorter Brooklyn, Emma and I hit the ride again.  This time, we got our seat belt on and Emma’s hands went straight up in the air before it even started!  Faster and higher is definitly her motto!

We made it for the day parade (see below) so we made sure to sit and watch that! Mr. Cromer got a special shout-out from Bert and his face just lit up!   Then we were off to the castle where Dean thought he should spend the night 🙂  I don’t blame him, I’d love to sleep there too!

Being that Mr. Cromer has sensory processing disorder, the fast, loud and even dark rides made him meltdown.  So we did a lot of walking and trick-or-treating instead.  He loved Autopia, and he told Grandma he thinks driving a real car would be easier!   When it came time for the evening Villains Parade he wasn’t liking that too much but Emma was waving to them all!  She even loved the Headless Horseman!  That girl is fearless!

If you ever get the chance to go, do it!  I took some video to share with you guys!  Keep in mind, I am NO videographer…and I was trying to multitask video with Instagram stories so Mike could see while he was at work.   Enjoy some of the photos and videos from our Halloween at Disneyland trip!



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