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Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours!

Christmas in the desert is always a bit different than I remember it as a kid.   Growing up in the midwest we usually always had a white Christmas.  So it’s taken me some time to get used to the “nakedness” the desert wears during this time of year.  However, you simply cannot beat the weather here in December!  We had a lot of fun taking our family Christmas pictures out behind our home this year.  It’s always so fun looking back at the previous years pictures and seeing how much our kids have grown.

Brooke turned 12 in June.  She’s LIVING for Volleyball.  She played on the school’s volleyball team this year and even made time to hit up the highschool’s volleyball camp.   Being taller than most of the girls in her grade has really given her an advantage.  I like to think she got those fantastic genes from me! 😉.

Dean is obsessed with all things basketball.  The little man turned 9 in December and can make hoops from all over the court.  He got an electric scooter this year and has so much fun riding it.  He thinks he needs a dirt bike for Christmas but unfortunately for him (and luckily for us), I don’t think Santa will be bringing one of those for a little while! 😆

Emmie is loving school.  She’s our straight-A student.  She’s pretty much the little rooster of our house.  She’s the first one up and determined to get all her work done.  She turned 7 in May and says she’s going to be a doctor when she’s older.  🥰

Mike continues to work for SWA and restores old cars/trucks in his spare time.  This year he’s worked on Charlie Brown (#CharlieBrown on IG), a C10 Truck, a Cadillac, and a couple of blazers.  To say things are never dull at our house would be an understatement! 😂 I was lucky enough to have him shoot over 75% of my weddings with me this year.  We always have so much fun working together.

I had my one year anniversary of my heart surgery on December 2nd.  I’ve learned a lot about my body this year.  I was headed down the road for another heart surgery to remove the pericardium of my heart but my surgeon said, “It’s a Christmas Miracle” and that my heart had healed.  I still battle with pericarditis – I’ve had it 4 times this year, but with new meds on board I’m excited to get my health back – being able to start running, riding the peloton, and playing with the kids is definitely a blessing.   And speaking of blessings – this year has been tough for many but I’m so very thankful for all my wonderful couples.  Even with postponements, I was lucky enough to photograph over 30 weddings this year alone and have a full calendar for next year!  (Thank you, Jesus!)

If you follow along with us on Instagram (@amandacromerphotography) I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the furry faces below.  Lilly Bean just turned 14 in October.  She’s a little hard of hearing (unless you talk REALLY high pitched to her), but she still swims with the best of them and loves going for car rides and begging at the table! 😂. Luna is a year and a half old.  She’s got quite the personality.  She loves barking at Mike at night and is so dang stingy with her kisses.  Fozzie turned one this year and completed beginner and intermediate training this year.  He’s definitely a Momma’s boy.  He’s always so excited to see me in the morning – even though he sleeps right next to me! 🥰  Piggy – aka PP will be one in January.  She’s the sweetest one of the bunch.  She never barks, she always has a “baby” (her hedgehog or another stuffed animal) in her mouth.   And lastly, we have Harry.  He’s the newest to the bunch and fits in perfectly with our chaotic house.  He loves to sing, he voices his opinion, and will not leave you alone until you acknowledge him.  He also loves to eat underwear. 🙄 He’s 6 months old now and almost as big as Luna!

If you’ve made it this far – you’re awesome!  We wish you the Merriest of Christmas’ and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year! xo



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