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Happy Anniversary

Amanda and Mike | Anniversary

11 years ago, I walked into a party and I saw you.  Sitting in the back, laughing with friends.  And me.  I was shy, timid and yet gutsy enough to walk up to you and say hi.  From your smile to the funny stories you told me – I knew you were going to be mine.  You didn’t know it yet, but you would be the best thing that happened to me.  You’ve helped me grow.  You’ve helped me figure out who I am.  You push me towards my dreams and you keep me on my toes.  You make me laugh, you hold me when I cry.  You’ve softened my heart and my stubborn attitude.  You made me your best friend.  And you made me a mom.  I have no idea how 11 years has passed so quickly, but I’m so thankful to be doing life with you.  My rock, my best friend and my love.  Happy Anniversary Mimo.  I love you.

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