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3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Wednesday

Our wedding day flew by! And for most of our couples they tend to feel the same way.  I can remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, the list of venues is endless.  How will I ever decide?”  And don’t get me started on photography.  I wasn’t even a photographer yet, and I was overwhelmed by the choices.  There were pages and pages of vendors online, and I’m pretty sure I bought every magazine known to man.  This was pre-Pinterest.  Only to come home and feel lost. Overwhelmed.  Even anxious.  Then we hired a wedding coordinator.  And I finally felt like I could relax.

Our coordinator kept us on schedule the entire wedding day!  Well, minus my few trips to the bathroom…I was 12 weeks pregnant with Dean, but I’m ok with that! So for today’s Wedding Wednesday I am posting my first ever guest post!! Andrea Leslie of Andrea Leslie Wedding and Events  is going to share with us the top 3 reasons to hire a coordinator!

 So many brides decide to skimp on the coordinator and that is SO scary to a photographer!  Not only do we have to do try and get as much done as we can, we then become the person who has to keep everything on time and figure out when things will be arriving.  The LAST thing we want to do on a wedding day is bug our brides about when their flowers will arrive, or if the cake will be delivered on time, or if the reception will be set before the ceremony, so we have time to photograph it.  I realize that having a coordinator means more money out of the budget however, your mom or aunt should NEVER be the one telling people when to walk down the isle, where to stand or when to cut the cake.  Family and friends should be enjoying the celebration, not trying to coordinate it.

Andrea and her team are amazing!  We had the chance to work together at El Chorro and were completely blown away!  They produced the BEST timeline I’ve ever had.  Our wedding was on time and we had extra time for portraits!!!  Andrea and her team of girls are just as sweet as they can be and are willing to share a little bit with us today! Be sure to check out their website!

 El Chorro Wedding | Andrea Leslie Wedding and Events

Our Why
For many, the journey to marriage starts with a celebration. Our place in that journey is to take the stress away and create a place for our couples to be fully present. The celebration goes by so quickly, and we want our couples to be focused on what is important.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create authentic and personal events that are planned from the heart. Our approach utilizes the unique personalities of our clients to influence the overall guest experience.

Tips for Couples:

1. Use the vendor knowledge and recommendations of your planner and/or team of professionals. The recommendations they provide will result in a much more enjoyable experience than scouring the internet and wedding websites. 

2. Hire Professionals. You may have friends that are willing to help and talented in various pieces of a wedding day. However, it is incredibly beneficial to have professionals that are not emotionally charged in the decisions being made. Professionals are able to step back and see the bigger picture, which creates a much more fluid experience. 

3. Enjoy! During your reception, step back with your new spouse and take in all the people that have gathered to celebrate you and your marriage. It is really powerful to look at a room filled with people that support you and the commitment you are making to one another.









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